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The best one is compatibility pack, but if you can go for online, that is also good. We can take it this way, for offline compatibility pack is great and for online the other one.
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nice site nimesh!!!
I think it's really useful...

But if there is a software that can work like this site,
it'll be more efficient I think,
coz we ca do it offline, right?


Nice Post!!!
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thanks kiddo.

but I don't think you will get a single software which can convert all such formats

yes, it's always good to work offline, but I won't install such softwares on each machine I work.

so when using other's pc or office pc, it's always better to use such sites, instead of messing with other's pc.
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I think.. The Word 2007 docx format is currently not supported by GMail Word viewer or Google Docs & Spreadsheets.
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it supports Office 2007 file formats, check the below blog post of 01Jun,
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Nice informative post...
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I think if you have already installed office 2007 or 2010, then simply open the docx file and Save As > Save supported with office 2003. If will be saved as doc.
So going to online don't need for every body.
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[QUOTE=kiddo;45799]I think it's easier to change the format from the Word application itself,
just reopen the document,
then save it as "Word 97-2003 Document".

I think it will works well,
and we don't need xtra payment.

I agree with kiddo