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Getting compile-time errors like Not able to find dbmanager.h header file....
Please Help !
Hi Kush,

Sorry for the delay. Sorry, there is no need to include "dbmanager.h" by mistake i have included it.

You have to include "occi.h" like #include<occi.h> in your program.

Note one thing more this code will not work for every compiler. Either you have to use visual C++7.
Or you can use gcc comipler version 3.4.3. If you are using gcc comipler in linux then you have to download occi libraries from Oracle web site.

And you have to copy these files into your $ORACLE_HOME/lib.
If you have installed oracle client in your machine the it contains one "rdms" folder which contain one "demo" folder . From that folder you can use "demo_xe.mk" to compile your file.

If you have any further query then you can ask me.