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They are little programs with a big job, bridging your computer with an external device. And yes, they go haywire.
A little driver savvy can save you a lot of money on repairs. Mostly, all it takes is a simple upload to put Humpty back together again.
Drivers can become corrupted. Or you have a new operating system that does not use them. Or your device has new features.
Drivers for this reason are a moving target. They remain mission-critical. A bad, wrong or missing driver means your peripheral will not work.
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thanks informative Question.plz tell me 1 thing. what is difference between mutable and immutable?
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computer are work with CPU. because CPU is the the main part of the computer. CPU work then computer are work.
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i think computer has the main part of the CPU and the other parts. then motherboard,ram,processor etc.
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