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Bro nice post, yeah it deserve best post of the month, i mean to sit down and write all that bro.. GOOD job.... its really appreciated.

i couldnt use it though , i am a beginner and it looks hard for me. but thanks
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Am a newbie to hacking. I need help pls
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This is a very nice tutorial ,I have never seen better explanation for SQL and I finally understand something,but when I tried "article.php?id=5" for one scam site ,I just got an "Internal Server Error",so does it means this site is vulnerable ? What is a second step?
I am a newbie and thanks for any response
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i want to hack a mmorpg game. fail all the time. dont know where to start. and how to do it. i want to change my stats in that game and get free gold. the game name is roman empire its only on phone. you can play it also on pc with an android emulator