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hiiiii all
I wanna be a expert so please some one can teach me how to hacking i will be thanks full for that
Please send me you suggetions at (
no one can learn hacking in perfect you have to try and experience for yourself to be perfect
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Thanks for the useful info where can i find the video tutorials for "SHELLS" & "SQL Injection"
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hey i want to i was chatting to a person on msn i chatted him about 5 to 10 minutes then i signout after that i tried login my password was changed that guy was login to my account how that person hacked the id in minutes???is my pc security is low?????
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grow up kiddos, hacking is for loosers...
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this R.F.I was very interesting
thank u dude
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Originally Posted by indiansword View Post
thanks for reply, i was really sab that no one replied
for bruteforcer can you do little more different like if u need to check a password for 8 digites and choose if the password is letters only or alpha-numeric
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Assalamu alikum,
Dear Brother,
This is mohideen form chennai in tamilnadu.
am having 2 dout .plz clear this problems
1) how to create the single excel database....( plz tell me step wise)

2)how to hack the another pc in command promt way ( plz tell me step wise)

an trying to below way .but it is failier.
first am typing net user then press enter key
then am tracert showing some ip's. am choosing first ip
then am doing ping that ip
reply is success.
i dont no after commond and process ...
plz help me
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its good but all are older method
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Thanks for share it with us. But you don't give any system or any code for hack any email.............
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Thank you have a nice article