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infact im pretty crappy

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this post is directed to either the great hex0010 or indiansword... or indeed anybody with any actual working knowledge of the specific procedures im going to mention here. first off a little more about me (& why it is important i have access to this information). i am sombody with very little experiance of hacking. infact im pretty crappy @ it but i am however a great conceptual artist. i have skills in grafiti bombing, im also a particularly dope dj & music producer so with the correct tools @ my disposal i would produce a standard of work that would be highly creative & origeonal. i dont just want to write "u got hacked" across sombodys page.... um no. what i ultimately do is mimic the design of the whole site but screw with it in a way that provokes thought & has genuine style. thus i dont want to just pick random websites really. id like to exploit sites belonging to organisations that exploit people! now on to what i need....
i need a way into a website that gives me as much control as possible over content (ie the ability to post mp3 players & alter the background art or maybe even post a video or 2). i also need if poss to be able to lock the existing admin out of thier own site? the other thing i need is a software that allows me to gather information & gain control of a remotely operated pc? again i want to make the "experiance" for the victim as surreal & annoying as possible. so as much scope for creativity as possible would be apreciated! now bear in mind ive come accross software that claims to do this but i think 1 of the main problems i faced was that the tutorials were incomprehensive difficult to follow. wot i need is ennough information to ensure i can physiccally get it to work? thx.

After reading it, i understand that u have creativity. But that isnt all that u r supposed to have.
1.First of all, Saying "i want to hack a site", doesnt give more information about it. You need to be more specific in terms of the type of the website, i.e. if its a forum,blog, customer made script, normal html etc etc...
2. You asked "if i can kick out the admin from his own website". It is possible in terms of getting administrator previlages but that wudn't be permenent. Because admin can anytime login to his cpanel and remove the existing file, use the same database and restart the website.
3. If we get access to cpanel and take it over... then he can contact hosting provider and get access back anytime.

So u can takeover the website... but it also depends on the smartness of the actual admin... there is also a possibilty that he may try to track u back . If the web hosting provider is smart then wireshark can easily track u down and then u know govt.s are just waiting for someone to get caught to set an example.

So my advise: if u dont know stuffs, better not try things in live enviroment. Install WAMP server on ur computer and try the things u know.