im interested in grey hat hacking. i hav some really creative ideas but lack the recources to impliment them! ive watched every youtube tut on the subject & tried pretty much all above mentioned methods. ie sql, java inj, keyloggers & progs like poisen ivy & bi frost. i tried tamperdata. i registerd on hackthissite & completed variouse missions. i also tried kane & able to crack md5 hashes. none of these methods hav so far worked! i need to find a way to gain access to a website as admin!! its not that im lazy & cant be bothered to find out info. its just that none of the info ive been given is @all usefull. where can i find specific info on this subject that is effective ennough to actually be implimented in the real world?! ive wasted ennough time on this & ive been getting nowhere!!!!!!!!!! i need tutorials that work from scratch & go into specifics in a user friendly format that works step by step rather than using broad strokes. id rather find the information i was given was extremelyover simplified or even patronising as @ leat this reduces margin for error signifficantly. thx.