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This is the second article on avoiding certain errors at the early stage of code writing. In the previous post, we have already advised you to avoid a large number of calculations in one expression. However, we should investigate this question in detail. Let's see what's dangerous about complex...
I've arrived at the source code of a widely know instant messenger Miranda IM. Together with various plugins, this is a rather large project whose size is about 950 thousand code lines in C and C++. And like any other considerable project with a long development history, it has rather many errors...
A simple code of Http-Web-Server in C done by a beginner level programmer. Please suggest if you liked it and lets make it better !! Hows that!!! The Code #include<stdio.h> #include<string.h> #include<arpa/inet.h> #include<netdb.h> #include<sys/types.h> #include<sys/socket.h>
Two of my friends faced a problem with writing a program which finds the LCM(Lowest Common Multiple)/GCD(Greatest Common Divisor) of two positive integers, so I helped them out by writing two functions for each. I thought many others might be having the same problem. So here are the functions:...
What is a socket? See there are many types of sockets hardware sockets “like electrical sockets” etc. and software “programming sockets” like what i'm going to talk about from now onwards. See , a socket can be thought like any standard way to perform network communication through our system...
Continuation of Shell-coding basics..I suggest a glance over it before you start reading this.. Testing We'll be using a simple C program to accomplish our task. test.c // #include<stdio.h> we will not be needing this as we are not using any functions from the C library...Just basic...
Format strings are the strings mainly associated with printf's set of instructions (like printf,fprintf etc..) which basically stands for print format.... These functions accept several arguments and put them on the stack..and as a format specifier is noted in the string the function pops the data...
Stack is a LIFO abstract type of data structure. The stack is mainly associated with 2 types of functions Push() and Pop(). Push() adds an item on the top of the stack and Pop() removes an item from the top of the stack. Implementation of Stack stack.c #include<stdio.h> #include<string.h>...
Background The output to the Matrix multiplication will be generated as follows. a11 a12 a13 A11 A12 A13 a11xA11+a12xA21+a13xA31 a11xA12+a12xA22+a13xA32 a21 a22 a23 x A21 A22 A23 = a21xA11+a22xA21+a23xA31 a21xA12+a22xA22+a23xA32 a31 a32 a33 A31 A32 A33 a31xA11+a32xA21+a33xA31 ...
Progarm for addition,transpose and multiplication of array #include<stdio.h> #include<conio.h> void main() { int a,i,k,j,c1,c2,r1,r2; int m1,m2,m3; clrscr();
Huffman encoding is a compression technique used to compress data for transmission.This program takes string as input from user and shows its encoded form as output with some intermediate outputs as well. The purpose of it is to reduce the number of bits used for each character for its transmission...
1. #include<stdio.h> #include<conio.h> main() { int a,i; for(i=0;i<3;i++) a=i++; for(i=0;i<3;i++)
Dev-Cpp is an application which is used to code and run programs in C/C++. It has its variations but none of them come with a pre-installed graphics library. So if you are switching from some primitive editor like TurboC to Dev-Cpp (which follows ANSI specifications correctly) and try to write the...
==================== .FRIENDSHIP CALCULATOR. ==================== #include<stdio.h> #include<string.h> #include<conio.h> main() { clrscr();
Introduction In C you can effectively change the value of the constant variable. Just compile the following program and you will see the output. void main() { int const i=123; int *ip;
List of helpful C tools that will help you peek inside a process or an a.out file. Some are specific to Sun OS. I have compiled it into an easy-to-read summary of what each one does, and where to find them. Going through the man pages for each, and try running each on a couple of different a.out’s...
Introduction This article talks about different ways of handling Abnormal Condtions or Errors that occur or Invalid Data receiving by an Application. These Errors are something, the programmer expect to occur in their Applications. Depending on the specific circumstances, below are some...
Networking is all about transmitting messages from one node to another. The simplest example can be to transmit "Hello World" from one computer to another. Socket programming in C/C++ has already been covered. Today we will see how to check if the transmitted data has any errors. There are many...
I thought of sharing the code snippet. It just does the basic operations like inserting a node at the end of the linked list and deletion of any particular node in the linked list. The deletion of a node in linked list is based on the data of the node and not on the index at which data is located....
Program for singly circular linked list which inserts, deletes, searches .... data in it #include <stdio.h> #include <conio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <string.h> /***** Structure template *****/ struct list{