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I wanted to make a remake of my previous BAD versions of these 2 functions. I think they are working great now, and they're portable the same as the originals from STD library. ATOI /** // By 85 // boyscout_arg@hotmail.com // etalking.com.ar
Many of us know that both C and C++ do padding when allocating memory for structure. But only few know that why the complier does it. In short, for the efficient access of the memory for OS, padding is required. In long words, the instruction can be fetched/written one machine word at a time....
Listed here are few common complex operations of single linked list that is to be needed by certain applications. These operations should be done in single traversal for improved performance. Here are few of them and their solutions.. 1. Reverse the list. 2. Find n-th node from tail end....
As the topic says, self printing programs are nothing but they reproduce themselves as output. Such programs are referred as Quines from the name of the logician Willard van Orman Quine who introduced the concept. I said an 'Ah!!!' when I heard about Quines for first time, spent more hours to...
Introduction It’s my first post here. I will discuss on Date & Time Management Functions of C. Though if someone is only interested about getting the time and date, then it can be done by some trivial function but the goal of this detail discussion is understanding the bios as well as...
Introduction This article is about the slicing of object while sending the argument through a pass by value mechanism when using polymorphism. Background While we are using passing by address mechanism the address of the base class type as well as the derived class type are same in...
Introduction The aim of this article is to explain the upcasting. Before going through this article I expect people have some preliminary idea about inheritance mechanism. Background The term upcasting comes from the class inheritance diagram. In the class inheritance diagram we...
Introduction This article explains what downcast are, how to make it safe, and so forth. However, before learning what downcast are, you must be familiar with polymorphism. Background Can you guess what is down-casting…yes it’s an opposite mechanism of up-casting. In upcast the...
Loops are the basic logic building structures in computer programming. It is a way of executing statement(s) repeatedly in specified times, which is termed as iteration. Here different types of loops in C language will be discussed. All of them have same goal, but their way of working is...
There are many built in data types in C. But sometimes, the built in data types are not enough to perform the required tasks. In that case, some custom data type can be built to meet the necessary requirements. In this tutorial, the following custom data types are going to be discussed: ...
Data files are very essential part of in computer programming. The data we use while programming using the variables of different data types, are unavailable after the program execution. So,there is no way to retrieve the data if we further need. Here comes the necessity of data files. FILE...
One of the tricky question in interview comes out is How do you point to the third byte of an integer. Assumption that integer is 4 byte. Here is the code to do the same #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main(int argc, char *argv) { int i = 35; //integer...
This program takes the elements from the user in random order & then arranges it in form of Binary Search Tree.It then asks user for traversal #include<stdio.h> // including headerfiles #include<conio.h> #include<stdlib.h> struct tree ...
File Splitter is a very useful utility application for downloading . User want to download and store the downloaded files into Floppy disk , Its possible only if the downloaded file size is Less than or equal to 1.38 MB , If file size is more than the floppy disk size then File Splitter is...
Pointer Pointer is a declared like a variable, but it's not an ordinary variable, it's a fancy variable, that can store address of the another variable. Pointer is very much useful for allocating memory at run time , that's dynamic allocation. Pointers are said to "point to" the variable whose...
Introduction The idea is simple just to test whether the expression contains correct sequence of brackets or not. void main() { char arr; char *top; int loop=0,i,l,binary;
Background The output to the Matrix multiplication will be generated as follows. a11 a12 a13 A11 A12 A13 a11xA11+a12xA21+a13xA31 a11xA12+a12xA22+a13xA32 a21 a22 a23 x A21 A22 A23 = a21xA11+a22xA21+a23xA31 a21xA12+a22xA22+a23xA32 a31 a32 a33 A31 A32 A33 a31xA11+a32xA21+a33xA31 ...
Memory Segment Whenever U create a program and load it on a CPU ie executing UR program. It loads a Process Page on the virtual memory of UR system.That Process page will be mapped to UR Task Struct which will be in UR Process Control Block PCB. ...
When you write program then there are lots of function and variables used to store value on execution time. So how can you define variable or function in such a way that when execution over then it will release memory storage automatically. Answer is C storage, here you can define function or...
I've arrived at the source code of a widely know instant messenger Miranda IM. Together with various plugins, this is a rather large project whose size is about 950 thousand code lines in C and C++. And like any other considerable project with a long development history, it has rather many errors...