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Introduction This article explains what downcast are, how to make it safe, and so forth. However, before learning what downcast are, you must be familiar with polymorphism. Background Can you guess what is down-casting…yes it’s an opposite mechanism of up-casting. In upcast the...
If you work 3-4 hours daily on coding in C/C++ then there ought to be some programs, logics, tricks, tips etc which you come across daily. Some are new to only you while others are interesting enough to be shared. Here in this article, I am going to share one interesting program and how I went...
Introduction After long day's discussion, bool was made as built-in type. Before it lot of other proposals came for bool. There were following proposals. Proposal 1: bool can be implemented by typedef typedef int bool ; It works fine but problem is that if someone overloads functions...
The motivation behind writing this article came from the fact that there are still many books/tutorials/softwares etc where I have seen 'void main' being used instead of 'int main'. Still most of the C/C++ newbies are taught to start practice coding with 'void main'. Even I started practicing C in...
Stack is a Last in First out(LIFO) abstract data structure...Stack is used as the main data structure for processing and data management on most of the OS architectures...like intel x86 etc etc.. Stack based Overflows It happens when to much data is passed on the call stack and results in...
As it is said, great things are in small ones. Its someway true in C as well. Working on bits rather than bytes, and other bigger data structures leverage implementations in speed and space efficiency. With really high end computers coming up these days, bitwise operations may not be that useful in...
What is Dameon Process? A Daemon process is a process which is not associated with any terminal and hence is supposed to run in background. Since, a daemon process involves background processing, it is recommended it should not include any user interaction. Therefore, it should be clear about...