dude you are really starting to piss me off if u dont like it shut the **** up okay ever article i post is just for reading to other ppl just because u lack the knowledge of understanding doesnt mean u have to take it out on others. MAYBE YOU cant understand it and others can 1 can say 1 thing as for the other person can not.

let see u write a tutorial okay buddy

im not here to impress ppl im here just as anyone else to talk learn and help you on the other hand is here to say crap about everything someone has to say.

i dont care if my english is bad okay thats just my 2 cents id like to add

This converstaion is with you is over please do not reply TO ANY of my articles or post that i talk about if so ill talk with the administrator with fixing this.

Seeing that this is my article i have the right to bann you from talking into it please do not talk back in any of my articles not ever msg me our relationship towards this forum is over

I will not ask you again

Thankyou have a nice day