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well above method was only to tell u how to break password when u forgot urs,there r other methods also like by using "rescue mode" ,i m talking about changing ur password when u r the administrator,logged on,or wn u r unable to login cause u forgot ur password
nothin is related to hacking into someones computer its just a simple trick discussed here.
in industries u dont get access to root account,and if u want to login by second method ie by boot loader screen they have a boot loader password assigned so that u cannot edit at that screen,if furthur u have a cdrom of linux and u want to get access by "linux rescue",they dont provide cdroms in their pc,or its kernel module is removed.
no doubt linux is secure,the above method ws just to get access to your account wn u forgot ur password, as a good linux user u must know all these tricks

administrators dont make such mistakes

there r many other methods by which u can gain access to ur account wn u loose ur password. linux has many methods to do same job.

no doubt you are safe with the guard penguin
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Nice written bashu!
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Originally Posted by bashu View Post
well in case u forget ur new password
u can go to boot loader screen and again start ur computer
in run level 1 in single user mode,then it will bring u to shell prompt
frm there u can again run the "passwd" command and change or retype ur old password
but in case u have a boot loader with password u cannot break ur linux root password. as if u forget ur boot loader password it will not allow u to edit at ur linux screen and u cannot do the rest of the job.fr that u have to use "rescue".

hi dear,
can u tell me what is run level ?
and how to start pc in run level 1 or 2?
thanks in advance.
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Latest and some modified *nix systems...
Doesn't allow to be root..
Only pass away the privileges for some time...

So you are secured if you know how to be secured...

Later the second method :-

Actually its deliberately left by *nix developers so that if we loose our password there is some way to reset it...

But you could guard that also by setting a "boot loader password"
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Thanks for share i will try it.
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thanks for ur informations.how to create the pdf file.
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that's nice..!
thanks dear
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Wow, sounds great. I just thought that Linux is very secured among OS and here it is, the way of cracking password. =) You made it different by all this means.