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Its better to do manually search engine because it is safe and increase the traffic also.
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To permote website post unexpected link in unplaced category .. work like a spammer..
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First black hat works before panda update hasn't been activated but after this it's not worth man
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you should never use black optimization techniques. and it has to be avoided to get the best ranking s in google.
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Black hat techniques should not be followed to get the SERP. Google will ban your site if it notices black hat techniques on your site.
Hi Shabbir,

I completely agree with you.Your every point is very clear.After Penguin Updates,Google don't like low quality content and backlinks of any websites.We all know very well that content is the king in SEO,so be careful whenever you post your content on your blogs and article sites and own website.
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Yes It will better to avoid these tips other we should banned by the search engine and if there is a copied or a spam materiel exist in our article then there is a chance that the Google will not accept this.
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Good informative steps on Black Hat Seo....i agreed with your voice on Forums, yes many people just posting their comments, which is not related to that topic and not that much of meaningful, just they posting for their business promotion through their Signatures...
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I agree with all people and I want to say after penguin updates black hat SEO will not be run long time.
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This article contains some really good info! I have been in the SEO game for almost 4 years and some techniques above I have not even heard of!