Top 10 Black Hat SEO Techniques:-
Black Hat SEO techniques are methods webmasters/marketers use to get a leg up on the competition in the search engines. Whether they are fair or unfair, legitimate or illegitimate is not up for discussion here. This is a list and explanation of ten of the top black hat SEO techniques.
Buying Links
Cyber Hoaxing
Keyword Stuffing/Hidden Text
Doorway pages
Web Page Cloaking
XSS Injection
302 Redirect Hijacking
Scraping and Spinning
Link Spamming
A Last Word
Now that you are an expert on black hat SEO techniques, go out and make your millions. But wait! I’ll through in one more technique as a freebie… “churn and burn“. This is actually not a technique, but a strategy. Churn and burn means you have to be prepared to lose domains to penalties in search engine rankings as Google or other search engines discover they are spammy. The real secret to black hat success is to always be developing new domains and campaigns. If one is slammed, you should have two on the back burner.