The term language is a medium for communication.Sharing data between two things or person or anybody is possible if both are understandble to each other.Like this programming language is a artificial language with vocabulary and set of grametical rules for performing specific task.
A programming language is designed to done computations that will be performed by a machine,like a computer.Programming language is a high level language because compare to computer it is complex and is used for instructing computer.The computer knows machine language, Each CPU has own machine language.
there are many programming language like c,C++,JAVA,PASCAL,COBOL etc. These programming language have own keywords and syntaxes for arranging pTogram.
The example of machine language is assembly language perform the task in 0's and 1's format.
For using your programming language to perform the task,you need to convert your program into machine language so that the computer can understand it.
This will be done in two steps:
a)Compile your program.
b)Execute your program.
computer program will convert source code written in a particular programming language into computer understable machine code.From machine code computer will find out the query and process that provide result after executing .