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very good information
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I have a gateway MX6433 running XP. I had a password on the BIOS and then decided to remove it.

I entered the OLD password but left the new one blank and hit SAVE.

Now it won't let me log in when booting as it thinks there is a blank password but it won't let me enter blanks, spaces, or "empty" as my password.

Gateway is saying I need to "recover" (which is their word for wipe out) the hard drive, which means losing everything on it.

I tried UNLOCK6 (which works on HP) but it did not provide a usable password.

After trying 3 unsuccessful times to log in it says "SYSTEM DISABLED [00000]".

Can anyone help??

Oh, I also tried removing the battery and power cord and pressing the power button 20 times (recommended by Gateway support), but that did nothing. Now Gateway is saying I have to use the "recovery CD" ($20 charge, and a 3 week wait) to restore my system, but I'm not sure how that can help since the laptop will not boot from a CD right now as it never gets that far into the boot up process.
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Hi I have phoenix 1.11c I have tried several programs to try and reset my password but with no luck after reboot it asks for a pasword and after 3 attempts locks the pc has anyone managed to get passed this bios version succesfully ??


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Regarding my problem with the Gateway bios, I was able to remove the internal battery that is on the mother board and it fixed the problem. I left the battery out for about 3 hours --- and now it boots fine.

I am just PO'd that Gateway won't accept this as a hardware bug. No system should LET you put in a blank password if blanks are not allowed!
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I can fix your computer bios locked computer with a tag ending in 595b very easily for a small fee. Just email me at Have a nice day !
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i need Master Password
dell laptop inspiron 1300 pp21l
service tag #JXSJ52J-595B
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intresting and awesome
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I've searched this kind of article 4 a long time,

I've some questions to ask about BIOS.
1. It concerns about CMOS Battery.
I've changed it,
but the clock in my pc still reset everytime I turn it on.
What is the problem??

2. Is it possible to boot, if I didn't put on the CMOS battery?
I found my Battery was missing,
and it still can boot normally,
but my friend told me that it won't boot if there is no battery?
is it true??


I'm a newbie, It's nice 2 be here
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Wow! I’ve never heard of this before and I think they’re awesome!
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I'm serious...
Is it sound like a joke??

Who can answer dis problem pliz......??