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Hi guys, can anyone help me to bypass Bios or boot passwords in Acer aspire 5920G. The notebook is mine and after installing daemon tools and alchohol 120% something went wrong and after reboot my old password isn't recognized anymore. Any ideas to help me? And it's my notebook, please don't say that i may be cheating and it's stolen or something.

Thank you.
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If you are using Nero and Alcohol 120% together, then the machine can occour some problem for the hardware accessing problem. You should to uninstalling one from them....
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Originally Posted by yoavna
I have Dell inspiron 6000 and i forgot my bios password please help me i can't use my computer and i and all my data!??!?!?!?!?

thank you
hi everybody, i'm new here

i have your same problem, i remove the battery but it didnt work.

i try to search in the laptop motherboard but i didnt find any jumper.

i also read in the dellwebsite how to clear cmos, but they not say this.

anyone resolve the problem or is impossible to clear bios pwd on this laptop?
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here all the documentation.

they explain how to remove the battery, and i did.

but there is no info about the cmos jumper that in almost all desktop pc's motherboards is near the battery.
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i have a serious problem and im not sure where to begin.

let me tell you the background info. My wife (34) passed away with out any warning (Autopsy and toxicology show NOTHING) She was bipolar and had journals on her laptop, out of respect for her i never asked for the pass, i assumed i knew it. I want to get into the laptop so i can figure out why she has passed..who knows if there is any info in there.

So its a dell inspiron 1000 with phoenix bios.

I read through that long post (wonderful post and TY) on ways to crack and tried as many as i could (im a n00b). I cant seem to get anything to work. Could someone help me with this? Im really at a loss...and i want some closure.

Thanks for your time..i really appreciate it

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I have a laptop acer travelmate 370 l system , which has Phoenix v 1.04 bios . I have forgotten the password for bios , i donot boot from cd, hellp me ! thankyou very muss !
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i have dell inspiron 1501. above mentioned didnt solved it...
it was unable to flash the bios by above methode..
could you help me?????????//
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Please help mine is Intel 915GAv motherboard. Its BIOS is locked. I cant open the console since under warranty and if i open it i will lose warranty. Also, the shopkeeper knows nothing about it. Some friend of mine put a password on it and I am stuck. I also lost admin rights as the result of prank. I cannot reboot from cd as the option for bootable is disabled. Can some one help.


Take care
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I have a bios password problem on my Compact Presario 2100. Has anybody any tried resetting the bios in one of these and what methods did you find worked?