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That happened to me once I ended up formating hard drive, and reinstalling operating system.
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Originally Posted by pcmahes View Post
hello sir!

in my computer WIN-XP trojoan infected! am update anti-virus and scanned! problem solved!
but registry cannot be opened! when type "regedit" at Run dialog box! its appear "registry has been disabled by administrator" also cant open "msconfig" give me solution! am not use internet! Pls give me solution send mail me! pcmahes@gmail.com

with true,
Tech-support engineer!
Hello am Bala,
That's very simple to enable regedit and msconfig. Goto run then type gpedit.msc.
Group Editor Policy will be opened. Choose User Configuration-->Administrative Tools-->System. On the right side of the dialog box u find preven access to registry editing tools. U must change to disable. Now enjoy uself.
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Thanks for the terrific info. i like it so much so i will do it soon. Thanks!