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Thanks a lot. When i googled up for autocompletion I first encountered a bunch of sites saying its imposible or sugesting visualy improper solutions.

However, I use prototype framework (1.6) to send the data to javascript and the code did not work. All your arrays get filled with functions from prototype.js as objects. I didn't look up where's the object collision, I just replaced all the for(var i in array) with for(i=0; i<array.lenght; i++) in your script and its working fine so far.

Thanks again!
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Yeah I encountered this problem a few months back, and the solution was same like yours!
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I've recently used this code and it works wonderful! However, when I opened it up in MS IE 6.0 it beahves differently. The TEXTBOX seems to be off centered and the autocomplete=off seems to have no effect.

Is there a trick in order to use it in MS IE?

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Perfect! Thanks!!

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I have newly joined this forum. Thanks very much , Pradeep for this wonderful solution. How can I create this auto-suggest feature with data to be dynamically built from Oracle table?
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Thanks for the solution. I need the list to be built from data from Oracle tables. How do I do this?

Neena Jaiswal
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I also have same problem, I want to figure out how to create data in an oracle tables.
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Hello, thanks for your perfect job.

But there is a problem, it doesn't work on special characters like ", , , , , ". How can we solve this problem ?
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Hi Pradeep,
This is very helpful to me. Works very well. but my data set has "&" in it. e.g. - Abc & Abc. In such case the drop down shows text as "Abc & Abc" but the text box shows it as "Abc &amp; Abc". Can you help with this one please?
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This is really superb