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Good one..... Can u explain the flow of the js.... like at what point the suggestion box is filled with values.... becoz after the "this.db.assignArray(aNames);" line we cant track how the flow goes......
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Only, I want you show me the way designing a web page. The step and step, only.
And if you can show me designing database for your web page(forum).
Thanks so much.
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thx for your code, it helps me a lot
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Nice to know that! :-)
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I really like with your script. it help me. I need this one.
But there's one thing i would like to ask.
When i input a keyword, the selection show under the text field. How about if i want to make the selection is show above the text field?

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In the function autoComplete.prototype.positionSuggest you'll need to make changes so that the position you want should be calculated. This should do the work for you
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Thanks a lot!! you are great!
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Thank you very much. Quick and easy!!
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Thanks a lot. gr8 Job
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how to make scrollbar in div tag.becaz i have more than 100 word in my list.