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Create a database in MSAccess and save database as Studentrecords.mdb. Now add a table to the database using the following format StudentNO Text FName Text SurName Text Password Text Save the table as tblStudent. Now create a new file and name it login.asp <html>
Add Reference of iTextSharp.dll btnAddWaterMark_Click is a button name. AddWatermarkImage is a method name. Enter Input File's Path in input Enter Output File's Path in output Enter Image's Path in water Good Luck. Private Sub btnAddWaterMark_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e...
Request.ServerVariables("REMOTE_ADDR") can be used to retrieve the IP address of the client machine. While clients connect internet via a proxy server, the above method only return the IP address of the proxy server, other than the REAL IP address of the client machine. In order to request the...
Introduction To implement AJAX in ASP 3.0. Background This is a simple application illustrating how AJAX can be implemented in ASP 3.0. The code
Introduction This article describes how to develop an Email Activity Control in WF and it constructs an activity and shows how to use that activity within a workflow. Background Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) provides a visual interface for creating and hosting workflows that...
Introduction This stored procedure (works same in vb, c#) adds the given number of Business days to the given date. Only business days aare taken into account. Saturday and Sunday are not included. Background Find out how many weekends will come between start and end date and add that...
Introduction To call server side events and functions from client side javascript function in Suppose we want to perform both client side and server side activities for an event,we can use this logic Background Three are 2 ways to acheive this functionality.
Introduction This Solution will provide the status of the particular service and its exit code. Usually to check the service the analyst need to login into remote machine with the Domain A/c and password which takes 10-15min.,where as this solution will fetch the information with in a...
Sending an email with asp is fairly easy, all you need is CDONTS (Collaboration Data Objects for NT Server, installed with IIS), or a special component like SMTPmail by SoftArtisans, or AspEmail ( free ) by Persits Software Inc (there are more available). In this article I'll show how to send...
When you configure your IIS webserver and find the following message Service Unavailable Then the first solution to the above error is but if this does not solve the problem try doing the following stuff. Open the IIS Manager, right click...
Introduction CDOSYS is a built-in component in ASP. This component is used to send e-mails with ASP. Sending e-mail with CDOSYS CDO (Collaboration Data Objects) is a Microsoft technology that is designed to simplify the creation of messaging applications. CDOSYS is a built-in...
If you are running Windows XP Professional on your computer you can install Microsoft's web server, Internet Information Server 5.1 (IIS) for free from the Windows XP Professional installation CD and configure it to run on your system by following the instructions below: - 1. Place the Windows...
Graphical Hit Counter In ASP Its assumed that you already know a little bit about ASP and running ASP scripts. Before we can start writing the ASP for the hit counter we first need to create a few files and graphics. First create a text file in note pad, called 'hit_count.txt' containing...
The sample code sends a text message or URL through Clickatell. WebClient wbcRingtone = new WebClient(); // Add a user agent header in case the requested URI contains a query. wbcRingtone.Headers.Add("user-agent","Mozilla/4.0(compatible;MSIE 6.0;Windows NT 5.2; .NET CLR 1.0.3705;)");...
This example shows that how to store and retrieve data from cookies. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /// <b>Function: Page_Load</b> /// /// \param sender /// /// \param e /// /// \return private void
Introduction Today I was working with the Tab Container control from Ajax tool kit and I had this requirement of preventing the user from navigating off to a different tab without completing the required fields on the active tab he was in. There is no direct feature in the toolkit that provides...
Introduction This is a windows service where It will create a .csv file and sends mail on a particular day of week Background This solution is used for creating .csv file from datatable and send it on a particular day of week. As it is a windows service no manual intervention is...