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Introduction Intersystem Cache's $piece functionality is replicated in C#.NET Background $piece in Cache Objectscript returns a specific piece of a string based on a specified delimiter. It can also return a range of pieces, as well as multiple pieces from a single string, based on...
There are different ways for hosting a service depending on the accessibility of the service. The ways are as mentioned below: Self hosting a WCF Service Hosting a WCF service in Windows services Hosting a WCF service in IIS Hosting a WCF service in WAS 1. Self hosting a WCF Service ...
The term serialization is defined as the process of converting the objects and data into a common format for storing the values. Depending on the system, the format can be changed. The term encoding is defined as the process of converting the serialized data into a set of bytes. The objects of...
Service Contract describes the operations implemented by the service. The contract maps the class methods of the .NET type to WSDL services, port types, and operations. The message format is referred and describes how the messages are exchanged. They are later described as data contract and message...
Problem We encounter a situation where we need to execute the stored procedure passing XML string as parameter. The SP executor is used to execute the stored procedure with dataset as input from the application. It converts the dataset into XML string and passes it to the Store procedure ...
During the communication various errors like invalid data type, type conversion, or service not available can occur. The application terminates abruptly when such errors occur. User can avoid the errors and make the application execute smoothly by providing error handling code. This process is...
ASP .NET has been the Microsoft loversí de facto tool for creating advanced web pages. ASPís ability to adapt to the modern web requirements and the stability has made ASP one of the leaders in web application development. With the release of Visual Studio .NET 3.5 in November 2007, Microsoft...
Sharepoint is used for multiple set of web technologies used in similar technical infrastructure. It provides users with intranet portals, document management, extranets, social networks, enterprise search, collaboration and many more. It consists of a set of web technologies that are used in...
Everything you need comes with the .NET Framework. When you say you are trying to connect to SQL Server, you need to know a bit more than how to create a connection, but also how to return data and display it. Firstly, there are actually many ways to do this in .NET - some in code, some through...
Introduction Have you ever face the problem of merging so many word docs into a single one ?!!! Heres the solution ;) Merge multiple word documents into a single document using .Net code. Background This asset is used to merge multiple word documents into a single document. If you...
The list of application services available in SharePoint are as mentioned below: Word Automation Services: It provides conversion of document files supported by Word in different formats. Excel services: It enables viewing of excel documents in the Excel web app and excel web access web parts....
A namespace is imported in the source code. An assembly is referred by the compiler switch during the deployment of an application. The assembly contains the following components. Assembly manifest MSIL source code Type metadata Resources 1. Assembly manifest The manifest unit is used...
The user profiles can be used in any application. To enable the user profiles, user needs to modify the Web.config configuration file in the ASP.NET application. The following code snippet demonstrates the profiles in the configuration file. <profile> <properties> <group name =...
Windows Workflow Foundation is a part of .NET 3.0 framework released by Microsoft. The business process code and the actual implementation need the Service Oriented Architecture. In WCF, the business logic is defined in the workflow. The implementation of the code is defined in C#, VB or any .NET...
Event driven workflows depend on other external events to drive them to the finishing point. The model is depicted as a state machine. It consists of set of states. Sequence Activity The activities are the main components in the windows workflow. The sequential workflow is an activity...
Code Activity In Visual Studio application, when user adds the code activity, an event handler is associated with it. The ExecuteCode event is used for the purpose. User needs to write the code. The following code is an event handler for the ExecuteCode for displaying a message on screen. ...
The static web page does not respond to the actions performed by the user. The dynamic web page is useful for responding to the web pages. The applications are created using client side scripts along with the HTML pages. The client side coding contains two points as mentioned below: Client...
Web server controls are created on the server. The runat="server" attribute is added to the control. The control is processed by the server. Some of the basic web server controls are mentioned below. Label control TextBox control ListBox control CheckBox and CheckBoxList control RadioButton...
The syntax for directives in ASP.NET is: <%@ directive_name attribute = value %> Every directive consist of attribute- value pair. There are various application directives supported in ASP.NET. The other directives used with the ASP.NET files are: @Import: It is used for importing...
There are various validation controls provided by ASP.NET. They are added to the controls for validating the input values added by the user. Range Validator RequiredField Validator Regular expression validator Compare validator Custom validator Validation summary BaseValidator class