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The most glaring difference between Web and stand-alone applications is the disconnected nature of the Web. That is, a Web application isn't constantly connected (to a database server, application server, etc.), and a stand-alone application is. The constant server calls by the Web application can...
Strings are integral to most app dev projects, so it is imperative that they don't impair performance. The .NET StringBuilder class streamlines string values processing. It's hard to find an application that doesn’t deal with text in some way. As a result, developers are faced with a variety of...
.NET family has been together in all good and bad times for a few years now. This family of programming languages and tools was first introduced to the world by Microsoft many years ago and they were called neither .NET nor they were created as a family. Microsoft, the giant in the modern...
ASP .NET has been the Microsoft lovers’ de facto tool for creating advanced web pages. ASP’s ability to adapt to the modern web requirements and the stability has made ASP one of the leaders in web application development. With the release of Visual Studio .NET 3.5 in November 2007, Microsoft...
The complexity of web sites has rapidly gone up from the past couple of years. Started as static web pages a decade ago, web pages today are data driven and data intensive monsters that require a lot of flexibility and processing power. If the same old methods have been used for writing today’s...
Introduction A very common and extremely useful functionality in Web Developement is sending emails from a Web Application. Some of the very common purposes of sending emails from a web application are, to send feedback to the webmaster of a site or informing a forum member of new post in a...
This is an example of Server.Transfer and Context Handler. Through this we can get the multiple values of previous form. In this page we are displaying data from previous form. We can use this technique for multiple form registration form. Code (ContextParent.aspx.cs): - private void...
/// <summary> /// This method retrieve the string to encrypt from the Presentation Layer /// And return the Encrypted String /// </summary> /// <param name="str"> /// <returns> public string encryptPassword(string strText) { return Encrypt(strText, "&%#@?,:*"); }
This code has been used to encrypt and decrypt query string .No matter what the length of the url is ,this code will encrypt the key and the value the query string into 25 digit using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Text; using System.Collections.Specialized; using...
There are two ways for displaying the filtered data to the user. The ways are as mentioned below: The Data Table Select Method: It is overloaded for accepting the argument to filter and sort data rows returned from the array object. The DataView object methods: The lists of argument which are...
The user profiles can be used in any application. To enable the user profiles, user needs to modify the Web.config configuration file in the ASP.NET application. The following code snippet demonstrates the profiles in the configuration file. <profile> <properties> <group name =...
Windows Workflow Foundation is a part of .NET 3.0 framework released by Microsoft. The business process code and the actual implementation need the Service Oriented Architecture. In WCF, the business logic is defined in the workflow. The implementation of the code is defined in C#, VB or any .NET...
Event driven workflows depend on other external events to drive them to the finishing point. The model is depicted as a state machine. It consists of set of states. Sequence Activity The activities are the main components in the windows workflow. The sequential workflow is an activity...
Code Activity In Visual Studio application, when user adds the code activity, an event handler is associated with it. The ExecuteCode event is used for the purpose. User needs to write the code. The following code is an event handler for the ExecuteCode for displaying a message on screen. ...
The engine used in ASP.NET 4.5 is similar to the previous versions of ASP.NET. The new features of the ASP.NET 4.5 are as mentioned below: ASP.NET Core Services ASP.NET 4.5 contains features like encoding routines, minification, bundling, etc. The core services are as mentioned below: 1....
The REST services make use of the SOAP protocol for the client server technology. REST services are always stateless. The HTTP GET, POST, PUT and DELETE are used in the REST services. The GET is used to access the resources, POST is used to add resources, PUT is used to update resources, and DELETE...
SharePoint helps user manage projects, create documents, schedule management, exchange data, etc. The Business Intelligence features, social features, abilities to govern are the major benefits of sharepoint. SharePoint Functions SharePoint consists of different areas where they are useful....
Application and Solution Types Sandboxed solutions: It is a light weighted solution that is deployed to the sandbox environment and it is deployed to Office 365 or on SharePoint installations. Farm level solution: It is connected with either SharePoint server or foundation. The solution is...
In SharePoint 2013, the apps use OAuth for authorizing the calls. For accessing a list using the API, SharePoint application checks for the identity whether a valid one or not. It later confirms that the user has an access to the resource. There are some naming conventions that needs to be followed...
The CSOM consist of Managed code, ECMA script, and Silverlight. The developers can access from remote code applications. Silverlight applications execute a web page call back to the SharePoint and access data. The protocols used by CSOM are XML and JSON. They are documented making it a benefit for...