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I am by no means support Ankit but I also dont support something like what you have done and I think go4expert.com also should look into the issue of personal fight being not supported here.
Hi, This is not a personal fight issue. This is an issue of the whole community who is involved in 'IT' sector. It affects everyone from various points of view. And first of all primary things is that One should never worry of, " if he is confident that what he is doing is correct and good. One which affects and makes difference to lives of millions is not a matter of personal fight ".

However, public in general is the real one to decide as what is that particular person's opinion on overall matter. There is always a difference of opinion in every individual's thoughts.

I will not create any such situation. But will request go4expert.com that let peoples give their opinion and suggestions and also discuss on complete matter. Because every one has been given rights across the globe to speak, protest and suggest.