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Its just for an extra protection. Its even in XP. always it'll asks a warning "Run these type of programs". Microsoft decided to embed a antivirus like program into its OS, so only they put these type of warnings.

This is not correct. During the installation of XP it asks us to set the password for administrator account too. May be u would have downloaded some OS in the net which will be packed with TROJAN, which would have disabled the password request window during the installation.
I am saying the same thing Bro! Just read again what I wrote. I am saying that Very Few People give passwords for Administrator Account. If you have purchased a new PC and OS is pre-installed, your administrator account won't be having any password. Our Institute just bought HP systems with Windows XP SP2C, and none of them was password protected.

So, its just an advice or trick who don't want some annoying things and love to customize the OS. Moreover PROGRAMMERs usually hate restrictions. This is the reason VISTA is not getting very popular among the programmers' world.