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I misspelled nothing the command worked did it not. Look at the attached photo. When I did it i was a normal user on a school compute. A user with basic privileges. No Admin or SuperAdmin account necessary. The blacked out parts are for my identity. Just do it and find out it works perfectly at school. Another the network admin cannot find it because is on just that computer locally not the whole network. So like i said they would just have to get on that computer to see the new Admin User.
Why to be so stubborn?
1. Windows does not use backward slash as you show in your printscreen of the command line;
2. commands can only be followed by parameters if there's a space between them..
type "net user /help" to see all of this
3. once again: if you're not already a privileged user you cannot add any new account. Period.
try "net user newuser pswd1234 /add"
4. your PCs at school are most likely connected to a LAN (a standalone computer is pretty much useless) and that means it probably is part of a domain already; and that means any of your "hacking" actions will be visible over the network (assuming somebody wants to know)

You will never become a real hacker if you keep cheating your audience...