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The Pleasure is mine and shabbir too
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Please check out my new article on Add Text WaterMark In PDF Files
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Thanks for clerifying nimesh - _ -~!
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Thanks for the article
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Thank you for sharing us the code library to add password in pdf file, although I am not familiar with this way, last time i needed to add password to pdf which is already existed. I know Acrobat may be the right stuff to achieve this. But I don't want to pay for it for this tiny problem.
Try free or lower price tool to add password to pdf or use the JavaScript method is ideal way for me.
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thanks for good tips for PDF safty
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Hello i follow the example about Add Password in PDF File but i have a problem:

When i run AddPasswordToPDF(input, output, password) return access denied in c:\pdf

My S.O. is Windows 7, i tried to set all permitions and i disabled Uac but not function.

I tried also to change directory and disk but nothing.

Please help me.