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It would be very helpful if you share the answers...
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plz attach the answer
i need them
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hi viewer's this is Asish and I wanna proggram in 'C'and the question will be like this actually I don't have much time to get program by my self
so please help me.........
Here is the question:need 25 questions ( technical ) with 4 options and and each question must carry 4 marks(if the answer is right) and cut off marks will be 3(when the answer is wrong ). So, Please help me. and here is my email id
thank you
with regards
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thanks alot for the questions as it will help me prepare for my c final exams in my college
but please attach the answers to them,i will also post some questions to these existing ones for others to also benefit
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consider the following two output statements:
printf("%s" , s);
If the character string s contains the string "mary received 98% for her C test" the first statement
will fail ,whereas the second will work correctly produce the expected output.Can you explain why?

Write a program to determine if the statement
printf("%20.2f", num);
produces 97.77 or 97.78 when num is given the value of 97.7779.What can you conclude about the rounding or truncating features of the printf function?
Please email it to my facebook inbox by please searching for tetteh mark spears on facebook
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i need the answers for all the questions above... can anyone mail me the answers to or
or suggest me where to find it....????
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i need answers as soon as possible, plzz help
my email address is;
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please tell me the answers 100 Multiple choice questions in C

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Some questions asked are irrelevent .
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i have a big problem .plz can anybody here write me the program for this question??
here is my question:
a program that can do this:
condition: 1<=a,b<=100

plz if u do so i will be so happy thanks,i think its so easy but because im new in writing program in c,i cant write this program.plz help me plz.