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I'll also add same IP range and linking to link farm.
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Links from Link Farms, is also a worst SEO Tactics.
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But i think all are the important from SEO point of view for e.g using of alt tag help increasing your website visibility in search engines than why you called it worst SEO tactics?
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I am an internet trader, i like new comers coming up but there has to be some kind of approval from a known agency kind of thing to start websites/blogs, forums otherwise there are too many misleading sites which only add quantity & no quality. SEO tactics are well explained here how people cheat.
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Content Misrepresentation was the best part of the whole post. I was unaware of this concept.
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But how do Google identify the submissions done by a automated software and not manually?
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Speed and variation of submission
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great post sanjay... very informative...
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there is a article about worst seo mistakes.
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I want to say that I definitely agree with the 10!