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Thanks for sharing such a deep knowledge dear. i am waiting for such type of info....
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"9. Guarantee Google Position

SEO experts guarantee you a position in Google. If you see such guarantee you can be rest assured, it is one of those SEO experts who know nothing about SEO. He or she is guaranteeing you something that is not under his or her control."
i know what you mean here. some time ago i created a site and needed someone to SEO it. and a "so called" expert told me that he can make my site reach the 14 position for some word and i asked him : "are you so sure abut this number, i mean can't you give a page rank range in which i will be for this website and word" and he told me ...."i am an expert".
let's just say we didn't do to much business together
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While started my career as a SEO guy..I used to follow some steps like Meta keywords, directory submission and quantity of links and tell my first three clients(still remember) these are very important task to rank but luckily those websites ranked well and later when years roll on..I give up all these things and you explained them well and need to show this to every newbie seo(so called) professional.