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Many people have that kind of misunderstanding that Page rank is the main factor.Yes this is right that this may be the main factor but this is not the only factor.
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Thanks a lot for sharing such nice and brilliant tricks about SEO.

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Now quality of content help to seach engine results.
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Try giving some techniques which can be used in the wake of the Google Panda algorithm.
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Good information your information very helpful for me so give it more information. Thank you for your sharing.

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Really thanks Sir.

Its great article.
Thanks again. expected more such type.
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I perfectly agree to this post. This task is continuous and not an exact science.
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Originally Posted by amrithaa2011 View Post

How can i see my Facebook groups notifications...???
there are settings in every group, through which you can set whether you want to receive notifications for that group or not. this option is showed on upper rite corner or the wall of that page.
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Really nice article.
All 10 points are superb.
I would also like to put some unique and best content.
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"3. Directory and Search engine submission

When I want to know the type of tasks they will do for my site and one of them is omnipresent - We will submit your site to search engines and directories. I am sure this used to work a decade ago but is not SEO anymore in 2011. You can always submit you site to top search engines like Google and Bing but even that can be avoided if your site can be found through a link from some other page or site which is indexed frequently by those search engines. "

by far the best;
i mean i see so many ppl still using directory submission while the important things like backlinks and socialnetworks are left aside